AUTELEC, The High-Tech Drilling Control Systems With our 35 years of drilling experience, we can supply, the most outstanding products in this field. You will control the most important data parameters in real time for drillers'safety optimal drilling efficiency. Autelec's easy-to-use instrumentation makes it possible. You will measure and view everything you want. . "Modular systems" which consist of central processing units connected to display and electronic modules. Sensors for mud levels, ballast levels and bulktank weight. "CCTV systems" are made up of housing monitor and remote panel control. A graphical interface. This special software allows you to view LCD displays drilling parameters data, graphics and tables We'll keep your expenses down and provide you with an excellent return on investment. We deliver high-performance products. Each component undergoes rigorous evaluation and is tested before and after assembly. We know the specifics of the oil environment from our 35 years' experience. We specialize in offering solutions for difficult conditions, including extreme temperatures, salty air, vibrations, hazardous areas. - Space on rigs is limited; our systems are compact and use space efficiently. - Our systems are made of the highest quality components (for example, stainless steel housings for our display modules)